Substance Abuse Treatment Program

The Substance Abuse Treatment Program of the Maryland Center for Health Psychology is an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program. Specialties include:

  • Evaluating and treating medical and legal professionals and others with potential or active substance use problems.  Program Director Dr. Ralph Raphael works closely with medical and legal institutions and organizations, professional societies, and companies to assist and coordinate substance abuse treatment for their members or employees.
  • Evaluating and treating adolescents, many of who are referred by their schools or pediatricians.

Substance abuse treatment

Treatment begins with an initial evaluation to identify the nature and extent of the
substance abuse. Emphasis is placed on understanding the impact of the substance
use on the client and what the client has done to address the problem. The client and Dr. Raphael develop an individualized treatment plan that takes into account the client’s unique needs and personality.  A typical treatment plan includes some combination of the following

  • substance abuse education
  • individual psychotherapy
  • group psychotherapy
  • couples counseling
  • family counseling
  • psychiatric consultation
  • psychological testing
  • random urine screenings, breathalyzer, or other methods to document adherence
  • career and vocational counseling
  • self-help groups such as 12-step and other recovery programs

Is abstinence for everyone?

Experience shows that most people who seek treatment for substance abuse benefit from abstinence. A recommendation for abstinence is based on a thorough evaluation and discussion of the situation.

About self-help programs

Self-help programs can be very effective in the treatment of substance abuse. For many people, they provide emotional support, education, and opportunities to acquire new skills.  Research shows that no one self-help program works equally well for everyone. Dr. Raphael helps clients determine what role self-help programs can play in recovery.

Recommended self-help programs include, but are not limited to Smart Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, NarAnon, OverEaters Anonymous, Women for Sobriety, Gamblers Anonymous, and Debtors Anonymous.


All consultations, evaluations, and treatments are confidential. No information is released without a patient’s written consent.  Confidentiality is the cornerstone of effective treatment and is protected by Federal law.


Fees are charged by the session. The Maryland Center for Health Psychology serves as an out-of-network provider for most insurance companies. Dr. Ralph Raphael will answer questions regarding fees, insurance issues, and other matters related to the Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

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