Coaching Services


Whether focusing on careers or other aspects of life, coaching helps people pursue their chosen path in effective and satisfying ways.  There are no “cookbook” solutions.  Every person and organization must puzzle out how to reach their goals. Dr. Raphael brings more than two decades of experience to each coaching challenge.  His specialty is helping people and organizations find and use their strengths to achieve their goals.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  The coaching process usually begins with a face-to-face, working meeting.  This is where the client and Dr. Raphael explore the reasons for seeking coaching.  Together the client and Dr. Raphael identify specific goals for this coaching process, benchmarks for assessing progress towards the goals, formats for the coaching contacts (face-to-face, telephone, email, etc.) number and frequency of contacts.  Progress towards goals is assessed at every contact.

FEES   Fees are based upon an hourly rate.  Typically, there is no charge for brief contacts (e.g. a phone call to clarify something discussed at a recent meeting, a brief email update of progress towards a goal). Fees for additional services (e.g. testing) are discussed at the time of the service.

CONFIDENTIALITY   All contacts and meetings are confidential unless the client permits the release of information or, under certain situations, the law requires it.


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