Career Services

The Career Decision Program helps people who are:

  • choosing a career
  • changing a career
  • deciding in what direction to take their career

Who Can Benefit? The Career Decision Program addresses the career needs of a wide range of individuals. For example:

  • an attorney who says “I’m not like the other attorneys, I wonder if this is the field for me?”
  • a college graduate in her late 20’s who has had several different jobs and says, “I can’t seem to find the thing I’m passionate about.”
  • an IT professional who says “I need to have more interaction with people. Do I have to start over”?
  • a young man who asks, “I tried college and it isn’t for me. What is?”

What’s Involved? The program is designed to meet each client’s unique situation. A typical program includes an initial working meeting, testing and self assessment exercises, additional face-to-face meetings where the client is guided and supported in reaching his or her next career decision.

A Word About Career Testing  Psychological tests that measure a person’s interests, personality and abilities can provide valuable information for making career decisions. However, in order for testing to be useful, two conditions must be met: (i) the test must be appropriate to the person and the situation and (ii) the test must be interpreted so that the results are useful to the client.

Appropriate selection and interpretation of psychological tests is a strength of the Career Evaluation and Coaching Center.

The Career Coaching Program is for people who know what career path to take but struggle to implement it or those who simply feel they could be even better at their careers.  Career Coaching helps people identify and overcome the obstacles that may be hindering their success.  Coaching helps people develop skills and maximize natural abilities so that they can pursue their careers most effectively.

FEES  Fees for the Career Decision Program and individualized Career Coaching are based upon an hourly rate.  There is an additional fee for testing based upon the actual tests used.

CONFIDENTIALITY   All evaluations and meetings are confidential unless the client permits the release of information or, under certain situations, the law requires it.

Dr. Jill Garfinkle is affiliated with and provides career services through the Career Evaluation and Coaching Program as well as Plot Points Career Counseling, LLC.

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